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Articles from The Exponent Telegram:
     Lawsuit Claims Office Now Open in Spelter
     Judge Raises Registration Payout in DuPont Suit
     DuPont Prepares Letters on Health Monitoring Program (2-9-11)
     DuPont Claims Office Receives Medical Monitoring Applicatioin Forms (4-19-11)
     1,000 Apply So Far for Medical Monitoring
     Judge Rules Two Can Take Part in DuPont Medical Monitoring
     Spelter Soil Cleanup Debated in Harrison County Courtroom (6-3-11)
     Bedell Rules on Spelter Cleanup (6-29-11)
     First Town Meetings Held in Wake of DuPont Lawsuit (7-12-11)
     Spelter Town Hall Photograph
     Town Hall Brings Together DuPont, Spelter Residents
     Spelter Area Residents Signing Up for Land, Home Cleanups (7-20-11)
     DuPont Says 3,500 Enrolled in Spelter Monitoring Plan (9-13-11)
     DuPont Settlement a Sign of True Corporate Power (10-10-11)
     Bedell Orders DuPont to Make $2.8M Initial Payment (10-25-11)
     Property Cleanup Begins in Spelter (11-2-11)
     Spelter Area Residents Beginning 30 Years of Medical Monitoring as Part of Settlement (3-19-12)
     Bids Submitted for Spelter Remediation (5-1-12)
     Judge to Rule on DuPont Spelter Smelter Cleanup Terms (5-2-12)
     Judge Issues Ruling on Spelter Cleanup (5-5-12)
     Cleanup in Spelter Class-Action Suit Slated to be Finished in 2014 (5-10-12)
     Spelter Smelter Class-Action Cleanup Begins (5-16-12)
     Spelter Smelter Settlement to Allot Monies for Families Who Relocate (5-30-12)
     County to Appeal Exclusion from DuPont Lawsuit Cleanup (6-8-12)
     CDC Rule Focus of Hearing in DuPont Class-Action (8-31-12)
     A Town Meeting was Held (9-29-12)
     DuPont Funded Property Cleanup Could be Finished by End of 2015 (9-18-14)

Property Town Hall Meeting Video:

Letter to Property Owners in Zone 1A about Soil Clean-Up and House Clean-Up Program with Registration Form (6-27-11)

Letter to All Class Area Property Owners about House Clean-Up Program with Registration Form (6-27-11)

Property Clean-Up Program Fairness Hearing Video:

Town Hall Meeting Video:

Medical Monitoring Registration Form

Property Program Questionnaire 

Below, please find a summary of Settlement milestones for February 2015:

During the month, much was accomplished in carrying out both the Medical Monitoring Program and the Property Clean-Up Program, after timely beginning on November 1, 2011.


Important Medical Monitoring Program (the “Program”) milestones were accomplished in February.

On December 1, 2013, we began the second round of testing for Program Claimants, which came to a virtual close in November 2014. Through February 2015, 994 claimants had signed up for the second round of testing. The second round of testing is now complete.

On February 18, 2015, we held our quarterly planning meeting with the Finance Committee, CTIA, the Program Third Party Administrator, and the Claimants Committee. Key issues discussed were finalizing the Claimant questionnaire to help improve the Program, finalizing the Newsletter and budgeting issues for round three of testing.


There are 1,156 Property Clean-Up Registration claims, with no additional claims being allowed due to the Court Bar Date Order signed in June 2013, except for a few late claims allowed by the Court, for good cause.

By Order dated May 1, 2012, the Court selected NCM as the clean-up contractor, and as January 2015 came to a close NCM had completed remediating 190 parcels of soil (Zone 1A only) of the 229 parcels to be remediated (83% complete) and 381 houses of the approximately 802 houses to be remediated (47.5 % complete). All houses but 1 contaminated house in Zone 1B have been remediated, and all of Zone 2 houses have been remediated.

In May 2014 we provided NCM all the remaining Zone 1A inventory to work on, with the goal of the Remediation Program for 2014, being to complete Zone 1A. Toward this end, NCM conducted Zone 1A remediation in both Spelter and Erie, from May 2014 through November 2014, with soil remediation for the season coming to a close at the end of November, 2014. There are now 43 Zone 1A soil properties that are not remediated. Soil remediation in Spelter was completed for the season in January 2015, to be recommenced in the Spring, in May 2015. We project that soil remediation will be completed in 2015. We are drafting soil remediation invitation lettes to the remaining 43 soil property owners, and will have an orientation town meeting for them in April 2015.

We continued to have weekly update calls with NCM and to use a web-based confidential remediation database, being updated by the Settlement, NCM and CORE (the post-remediation testing company) on a real-time basis.

During January, we put NCM on notice that remediation productivity needs to be increased, and we will be mediating this issue on March 24, 2015. If mediation fails, we will be asking the Court for guidance. NCM has put the Settlement on notice that remediation costs have increased, and this issue will also be mediated. We will be meeting with NCM on March 4, 2015, to try to resolve these issues.


Through February 28, 2015, there have been approximately 16,107 telephone calls from Claimants to the Claims Office, and 7,590 Claims Office visits by Claimants.